Le Méridien *****

meridien hotel ile des pins nouvelle caledonie star wood
Bungalow jardin

One of the Caledonian hotel industry’s jewels, Le Méridien blends in beautifully with its natural surroundings. This luxury hotel offers rooms and bungalows.

The restaurant accepts clients who are not staying at the hotel but requires reservation.


Phone number : (+687) 46 15 15


Website : www.lemeridieniledespins.com


Credit cards are accepted.




Le Kou-Bougny ***

Case Tradtitionnel
Case Tradtitionnel

The Kou Bugny hotel is named after the trees which shelter it and is situated in the Kuto Bay.

The hotel has rooms and bungalows, as well as a restaurant overlooking the bay.


Phone number : (+687) 46 18 00


E-mail : reservation@kou-bougny.com


Website : www.kou-bugny.com



Credit cards are accepted.

Ouré Tera ****

Bungalow plage
Bungalow plage

The Ouré Tera hotel offers luxury bungalows and is situated in a coconut plantation near Kanumera beach.

The hotel also has two restaurants, one of which borders Kanumera Bay.


Phone number : (+687) 43 13 15


E-mail : resa.oure@tera.nc


Website : www.tera-hotels-resorts.com


Credit cards are accepted.

Kodjeue **

Bienvenue à l'hôtel Kodjeue
Bienvenue à l'hôtel Kodjeue

The Kodjeue hotel is the biggest accomodation structure on the island. It is situated in Ouaméo Bay. The hotel has rooms and bungalows, some of which have direct access to the beach.The hotel has a restaurant and the only scuba diving centre on the island. The location is known for its sunsets and tranquil atmosphere.


Phone number : (+687) 46 11 42


E-mail : resa@kodjeue.nc


Website : www.hotel-iledespins.com


Credit cards are accepted.