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The Isle of Pines is an island in the Pacific Ocean situated South-East of the New Caledonian island Grande-Terre in the Coral Sea. This little paradise is located on the Tropic of Capricorn and is also a commune and an district coutumier in French.

When you land on the Isle of Pines, named Kunié in Kanak you will be immediately fascinated by the enchanting natural landscape: bays with crystal clear water, often empty beaches and fantastic seabeds.

if you take time to get to know the island’s inhabitants you will be impressed by their kindness, generosity and their amazing timeless way of living.


The population of the island consists mainly of the Kanak people (population of about 2,000). The Kunié people are divided into eight tribes and have preserved their cultural and social traditions.

The Kanak people live in communities (clans). Many clans form one tribe in which respect for the individual and the community is essential.




The Isle of Pines measures 14 x 18 kilometers or 8 x 11 miles. The center of the island is a plateau which is surrounded by the tropical endemic forest. The highest summit of the island is the N’Ga peak which is 262 meters or 859 feet high.


The Isle of Pines is one of the Pacific’s gems and is situated about one hundred kilometers away from Grande-Terre: its turquoise bays and sandy beaches make it one of the most visited destinations in New-Caledonia.


Whilst exploring its many wonders, whether by land or sea, you will discover extraordinary natural sites where time seems to have stood still.

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